What is MPA?

  • Learn

    You want to become a Payroll expert, or refresh essential knowledge in a rapid, ever-evolving career. MENA Payroll Academy is your home for work-based learning, cultivating inspiring & professional learning journeys with relevant programmes for Payroll professionals in the Middle East.

  • Connect

    A network for all payroll professionals in the Middle East – at your fingertips. The MENA Payroll Academy is a platform for the Middle Eastern Payroll community to share knowledge and trends.

  • Grow

    The MENA Payroll Academy learning journeys help Payroll professionals to unlock options, skills and talent. This is a place to grow confidence and fine-tune professionality. Dr Seuss says, “You’ll move mountains, kid.” Well, your mountain is waiting!

What you get from MPA

A checklist of the three key things they will learn with MENA Payroll Academy. Our training integrates Payroll, HR and Finance.

  • The end-to-end payroll process and best practices, as well as the skills needed to perform daily payroll duties.

  • Identifying risks in the payroll cycle, putting effective controls in place, and understanding the general ledger.

  • Compliance and legislation.


  • Who can join the MENA Payroll Academy?

    The Academy is open to anyone in the Middle East with an interest in payroll: office managers; accountants; payroll professionals; and HR professionals.

  • How do I join the community?

    The community is free to join. Just click register.

  • How should I prepare for payroll training?

    The course is written so that you immediately apply what you learn in your work. You don’t need to prepare for it. Just subscribe and start. The format of learning includes videos, workbooks that are downloadable, PDF resources, quizzes and scenario-based activities. All you need is Internet access and a desire to get even better at what you do.

  • What support is provided as part of the MENA Payroll Academy?

    You will get the best support there is in the industry: the Community. We encourage all course participants to interact with the Community as much as possible.

  • How long is the payroll training course?

    The course takes about 6 hours to complete. It consists of seven modules, each with its own videos and training resources to work through.

  • Can I include this on my CV?

    Yes. The benefits of the Payroll in the Middle East course are immediate. You can apply what you learn as you learn it. It is a definite differentiator in the industry. MENA Payroll Academy is in the process of certifying the Payroll in the Middle East course, the first of its kind specifically designed for the region.

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